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Before you go on your trip, you'll need to buy a travel insurance plan that gives you all the protection you need if you get sick, injured or have some other misfortune while you're away. At Insurance Hunter we find you the best rates and right coverage for your particular destination and profile.

We have access to the top travel insurance providers in Canada and our quoting technology lets you see the 10 best personalized travel insurance quotes available to you all at once. Combine that with our team of 'hunters' -- licensed insurance pros who know everything there is to know about travel insurance -- and you can be sure you're getting not just the cheapest insurance, but the best insurance for your particular needs.

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Insurance Hunter Explains: Why you need travel insurance

"Better safe than sorry" . . . it's a phrase that seems tailor-made for travel insurance. Travel insurance covers your expenses if you get sick, injured or have some other type of unfortunate incident while you're out of the country (think lost luggage, trip cancellation, etc).

More than just a convenient thing to have, travel insurance is essential because medical costs can be thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in many foreign countries (especially the United States). With a good travel insurance policy, your insurer will pay those bills.

Top 5 reasons to get a travel insurance policy:

Why should you get travel insurance? Here's why:

  • Your costs will be covered if you have a medical emergency. Unexpected medical expenses can crop up while you're away, and they can be massive -- a good travel insurance plan will pay for them!
  • You'll get reimbursed for a trip cancellation. If you suddenly can't go on the trip you've planned, most travel insurance plans will pay the costs associated with re-booking or cancelling your travel -- that includes your airfare and hotel reservations!
  • You get compensated for the theft or loss of your belongings. Ever lost your baggage? Who hasn't?! Travel insurance usually includes coverage for belongings that are lost or stolen while you're on your journey.
  • You can access emergency assistance. In trouble? Your travel insurance provider can help -- many travel plans have designated agents that can assist you in finding medical or other types of help while you're on your trip. Just give them a call!
  • You'll have peace of mind. Don't you just want to enjoy your trip? Travel insurance means you can stop worrying about something going wrong while you're away. Relax -- it's covered!

Insurance Hunter Explains: Travel Insurance Coverage

A good travel insurance policy covers more than you probably think it does. Here's what you can expect from your plan. Remember, if you have any questions about travel insurance you can always ask one of our Insurance Hunters!

Trip cancellation coverage. If you have to cancel your travel plans at the last minute without trip cancellation coverage, you can lose the money you've already spent on things like travel bookings, hotel rooms, and various other reservations.

Here are some of the expenses trip cancellation covers:

  • Plane tickets
  • Cruise fares
  • Hotel rooms
  • Charter fishing boats
  • Golf fees
  • Many other types of prepaid reservations!

Trip Interruption Coverage. If you need to suddenly get back home while you're travelling, trip interruption coverage will reimburse you for the part of your trip that you couldn't take, along with any added expenses for transportation home. You'll get the standard trip cancellation coverage plus coverage for your expenses to get back to Canada.

That includes:

  • Flight home
  • Transportation to your residence
  • Lodging and meal expenses

Common reasons for trip cancellation or interruption that are covered by your insurance plan include:

  • Health issues or illness
  • Death in the family
  • Damages to your destination from extreme weather or natural disaster
  • Political instability in your destination
  • Flight cancellation

Medical Coverage. Even the best-laid plans can head south if you run into medical trouble. Luckily travel insurance covers a wide range of medical expenses for Canadians. It's a good thing too -- provincial health plans usually provide very little or no coverage at all if you're out of the country.

Medical coverage includes:

  • Physician Appointments
  • X-rays, scans and other diagnostic procedures
  • Medications related to a covered condition
  • Hospital stays and emergency care
  • Emergency dental procedures

Emergency Evacuation Coverage. If you have to flee your destination, emergency evacuation coverage will take care of the cost of airlifts, specially-equipped flights back home, and/or ground transportation to a hospital.

Lost or Delayed Baggage/Flight Delays. Reimburses you for personal belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged. It will also pay for essential items like personal hygiene products and new clothing if your bags are separated from you.

Travel Delay Coverage. If your flight is delayed and you need to stay overnight or buy additional meals, this coverage will pay your expenses for hotels, food and transportation to and from the airport.

24/7 Phone Assistance. When something unexpected happens, travel insurance usually provides 24/7 support. Your agent can help you in any number of ways:

  • Re-book cancelled flights
  • Provide assistance for passport replacement
  • Help replace stolen or lost baggage
  • Find the nearest hospital if needed
  • Help arrange transportation to medical facility
  • Help arrange medical treatment
  • Help arrange transportation home
  • Find an interpreter to help with language barriers
  • Supply prescription replacement in an emergency

Insurance Hunter Explains: What affects the cost of travel insurance

There are various factors that determine what the cost of your travel insurance will be. Many, but not all of these factors have to do with how high your chances are of having a medical problem while you're away. Here are some of the key factors at play in your premium calculations:

  • Your age
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • How long your trip will be
  • How many travelers you need coverage for
  • The destination (some countries are deemed riskier than others)
  • How much your trip costs (The amount to be reimbursed for trip cancellation or interruption)
  • The deductible option you choose (higher deductibles equal lower premiums)

Insurance Hunter Explains: How to make a claim

When it comes time to file a travel insurance claim, the number one rule is: talk to your insurer first (and keep talking to them throughout the entire process).They will advise you on the proper steps you need to take to get reimbursed and will also provide the necessary ongoing support you might need to get through your claim.

If you need to make a travel claim, whether it's a medical expense, trip cancellation, etc, call the insurer ahead of time if possible.

If you need to interrupt your trip, call your insurer to understand your options and to make sure you'll receive coverage

Keep all invoices, bills and receipts related to your trip so that you can submit them to your insurer upon request.