Sobeys to cut 800 jobs across Canada

And next up to the plate of Canadian lay offs – Sobeys. Canada’s second largest food retailer announced that they will be cutting the jobs of 800 office workers. The reason cited for the cuts, is the “creation of one efficient national organization out of five regional operations”, according to an announcement made by the company on Friday.

Annual Santa Claus Parade means road closures this weekend in Toronto

It’s that time of year again, which means it’s time for the annual Toronto Santa Clause Parade. The parade and similar activities around the city this weekend means that there will be some road closures to watch out for.

On Saturday the free community concert “Holiday Magic” will result in the closure of Cumberland Street between Old York Lane and Bellair Street between 2:30pm and 8:30pm.

Frustrated TTC rider took to the streets in protest after being kicked off an overcrowded bus

Many of us have been there before, waiting for a bus or train just to be denied entry because it was too full. Never fun, especially when you’ve been waiting in the cold and then have face even more waiting. This is exactly what happened to a Toronto woman on Friday night as she tried to board an overcrowded Route 47 bus at Lansdowne station around 5pm. But, instead of joining back into the queue to wait for the next bus, and maybe uttering a few choice words under her breath like many of us would do, she took to the streets in protest. Literally.

How the King Street pilot project will affect Torontonians

The King Street pilot project has officially kicked off and will be facing its first week of operations this week. The project is aimed at improving the King Street streetcar, which upwards of 65,000 people use every weekday.

No matter how you travel along King Street, you will see some changes on your morning commute. Here is how the project will affect pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and streetcar riders alike.

Pedestrians and cyclists