The definitive guide to auto insurance savings in 2018

Canadians pay too much for auto insurance. To help rectify this issue we've compiled a list of 40 ways drivers can reduce the cost of their premiums. Not all recommendations will be applicable to all drivers, but there is something here that will help almost any motorist pay less. Read on to learn how you can save on your auto insurance policy. 

Why students should get renters insurance while at school

aerial shot 4 students with laptops in class

If you’re living with new school friends who might be strangers and who might like to throw a “small” party every now and then, aren’t you worried about your belongings? When you’re in class and need to leave for the washroom, do you take your computer with you? How about in the library?

5 tips to travel safely in 2018

The world is always changing and with those changes come new challenges of staying safe while travelling. As recently as 50 years ago, people still routinely picked up hitchhikers, stayed at random motels on the side of the highway and drove for days without really knowing where they were. The times have definitely changed and here are five tips to travel safely in 2018.

Is condo insurance mandatory?

External view of a condo building

Your building’s main insurance usually only covers the common areas; think about the main lobby, gym rooms, pools, elevators or other amenities. This shared policy is normally a portion of your “condo fees.” Your unit, and everything that happens therein, is your financial responsibility.

4 recent developments that have made insurance easier

It can be said that as a whole, we have become too reliant on technology. And this can hold true to a point, it would do us well to stop staring at our phone screens so much and focus on those living and breathing around us. However, technology can be a helpful tool, making more time for that which matters most. Thanks to technology and the rise of all things digital, there have been developments in the insurance world, making things easier for you as a customer. Here are 4 tools to help makes insurance easier for you.

4 common reasons travel insurance claims are denied

Insurers say only about 2%-3% of travel insurance claims are denied every year. This is true. But let me also present the other side of the story. Every once in a while, a high-profile case hits the news about a claim that was denied. A good example would be, while on vacation, someone gets sick and receives medical treatment. Four months later when they are home, they are hit with a huge bill from the hospital. The insurance company denies the claim.

Steps to protecting your home from winter damage

As Canadians, we can handle the winter. We bundle up for the frigid temperatures outside by wearing toques, scarfs and gloves. But our homes aren’t so lucky. Winter is mother nature’s toughest season, especially on our homes. Without adequate preparation, you can find yourself with a burst pipe and a flooded basement. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some basic steps to protecting your home from winter damage.

Is travel insurance required for winter sports?

For some the ideal winter vacation is not escaping down south to a sunny beach, but strapping on their skis or snowboards and making their way down a snowy mountain. While you are aware that you should get travel for both of those types of vacations, you may be wondering if there are different coverage requirements for those engaging in winter sports instead of sipping pina coladas on a lounge chair. Let’s have a look at the coverage options.