What is the difference between replacement cost and ACV?

No one want to go through the event of having to put forth a property claim, but luckily, thanks to your insurance you are able to receive compensation for your destroyed, damaged, or stolen property. Depending on your policy there are two ways that your insurer can calculate how much compensation you would receive, either replacement cost, or actual cash value (ACV). To determine what the difference is between the two, let’s examine what each term means. Then we can look at how to ensure you receive the fairest amount of compensation for your loss.

At fault vs not at fault: what each means to your auto insurance rates

If you’re like many Canadians, you’ve probably never given your auto insurance documents a good look. The world of insurance is a confusing one – there are terms you may have never heard before and concepts that you don’t understand.

One of the top questions brokers get asked in Canada is what it means to be at fault or not, and what either one means to your insurance.

5 financial goals young people should take to 2018

Given the current financial climate of the country, it’s more important than ever for young people to establish financial goals. Without a roadmap, your bank account can sink like the Titanic, and you might even take on debt, like water on...the Titanic.

To avoid crashing into a financial iceberg, let’s set some financial goals for 2018, shall we? Here are considerations as we head into 2018.

5 common home insurance riders

You might be surprised to learn that home insurance doesn’t always cover everything you own in your home. To be sure that your most valuable possessions are covered by insurance you might need to purchase one of these five common home insurance riders.

What to know about property insurance when you work from home

A woman sitting on the couch, working on her computer

With entrepreneurship on the rise in Canada, some professionals who have been laid off from their corporate jobs are choosing to start their own business and work from home. While running a business out of your home helps you save money when you’re getting your business off the ground, what many are forgetting to consider are the possible property insurance implications.

Do I need to update my auto insurance if I change provinces?

You got a new job in another province. Excellent news! You are all excited to move to your new home. You search online to find a nice place to live. You start to pack all your belongings and say goodbye to your loved ones.

Before you go, auto insurance comes to your mind. You are not sure if you need to update your auto insurance or continue with the same premiums.

How valuable is ticket forgiveness for auto insurance?

Not to be confused with accident forgiveness, ticket forgiveness is an auto insurance add-on that essentially gives policy holders a guarantee that their premium won't rise if they receive any tickets for certain driving infractions. Notice the inclusion of the word certain.