Why Compare Quotes at Insurance Hunter?

As a homeowner, home insurance is just one of those things that you need to have, and at Insurance Hunter we'll help you find the right home insurance coverage for the best price.

Our approach to finding the cheapest home insurance rates for Canadians is simple: deploy the latest quote comparison technology (with access to the top home insurance companies in the country) and combine it with the best and most knowledgeable insurance professionals around.

Just fill out the home insurance form on our website with a few key details and we'll find you the 10 best home insurance quotes available to you. Once you've gotten your quote, one of our Insurance Hunters will help you review and finalize your homeowners policy and answer any questions you have.

What's great is that our hunters are licensed insurance professionals who have one goal in mind: to make sure you're getting the right coverage at the lowest possible price. They will probably even have some tips to help you save even more money on your home insurance!

What to Expect From Insurance Hunter

Here's what home insurance shoppers can expect from InsuranceHunter.ca:

  • 10+ Home Insurance Quotes in 3 minutes or less
  • Average home insurance savings of $100+
  • Quotes from many of the top providers in your area
  • Access to qualified, independent, fully-licensed insurance professionals that give unbiased advice
  • No sales pitches or weird up-selling
  • Always secure and private -- your information is confidential and will never be shared or sold
  • A service that's available around the clock, 24/7!

Insurance Hunter Explains: Why you need home insurance

There's really no debate: all homeowners should have home insurance! A home insurance policy covers damages to your property as well as liability claims if someone is injured at your home. Without a home insurance policy, you could suffer severe financial consequences if a disaster (like a fire, theft, etc) unexpectedly strikes your home.

Top 4 reasons to get a home insurance policy:

Financially protect your home from damage. A home insurance policy covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property in the event of unforeseen damages caused by hazards like fire, water, theft or vandalism, etc.

Financially protect your household contents from theft or damage. Home insurance helps cover the cost of replacing the contents within your home if they get damaged. With a home insurance policy, your furniture, appliances, electronics, musical instruments, jewelry, artwork, and many other household items will be covered if something unexpected happens.

Gain financial protection from liability claims if someone is injured on your property. If someone is hurt while on your property, your home insurance will cover the costly legal and medical expenses you could be liable for.

You need home insurance to get a mortgage! In Canada, banks won't extend loans to homeowners who don't have a home insurance policy on their property. Lenders want to know you and your home will be financially protected if the unexpected happens!

Insurance Hunter Explains: Types of home insurance coverage

Confused by home insurance coverage? You're not alone! Here's what you need to know:

Basic Coverage. Sometimes referred to as "named perils," this type of home insurance covers specific perils that are outlined in the policy. This is commonly the least expensive coverage option, as it doesn't cover as many potential situations as other, more complete plans. Basic coverage provides you with your choice of what you feel is most necessary for your policy to cover (although certain basic perils like fire and theft are usually standard).

Broad Coverage. This type of policy provides basic 'named perils' coverage for the contents inside your home, while also including broad protection for your home's physical structure. Broad coverage is much more expansive than basic coverage, and includes hazards like burglary damage and falling objects (read: trees). Broad coverage plans are usually priced higher than basic home insurance plans.

Comprehensive Coverage. Offers the most inclusive coverage, which is why it is also typically the most expensive. This type of policy will provide coverage for all kinds of perils to your home, as well as for perils to the contents within your home.

Insurance Hunter Explains: How to make a claim

At some point or another, most homeowners need to make a claim on their home insurance policy. Here's how to make your claim as smooth and hassle free as possible:

  • Have your policy number ready
  • Prepare as much detail as you can about what happened
  • If a police report or a report from the fire department was made, have that available
  • Provide receipts or user guides for the equipment or appliances that were damaged

Contact your insurance company with this information to speak with a claims representative -- they will help guide you through the claims process and provide helpful advice.

Insurance Hunter Explains: How to be prepared for a claim:

The following tips will help ensure you're thoroughly covered and accurately reimbursed should you ever need to file a claim on your homeowners policy. Here's how to be a great home insurance customer:

  • Keep an up-to-date list of all of your contents
  • Keep documentation like receipts and model numbers of items
  • Take digital photos and videos of your property
  • Get appraisals for any valuable artwork and jewelry that you own

Insurance Hunter Explains: What determines your insurance rate?

Insurance companies use a wide range of factors to determine how much your home insurance will cost. Some factors used to calculate your rate include:

  • The area you live in
  • The type of heating system, electrical wiring, and plumbing in your home
  • The type and age of your property
  • Your history of claims
  • Proximity to a fire station or fire hydrant
  • The projected cost to rebuild your house
  • The value of your possessions, including artwork, jewellery, collectables, etc

Insurance Hunter Explains: How to get a better rate on home insurance

Think you can't save money on home insurance? Think again! Make sure to ask our Insurance Hunters about all of the discounts available to reduce your premiums. Here are some of the best ways to lower your rates:

  • Bundle -- many insurance companies give discounts when you combine multiple insurance products with them. Buy your house and car insurance with the same company.
  • Get a security system -- better rates are usually offered to homeowners with alarm systems.
  • Raise the deductible -- changing your deductible will make a difference in the price of your policy.