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Car Insurance

Buying car insurance might be mandatory, but overpaying isn't. Compare auto insurance quotes at Insurance Hunter and be amazed as we save you hundreds of dollars per year on your policy.

Home Insurance

Hunt the market to find the best deals on home insurance. We'll bring you the best rates on home insurance from all the top companies in your area.

Condo Insurance

Condo owners need insurance too! Condo insurance covers liability, personal property damage and damage to any improvements or customizations you've made to your unit.

Renter's Insurance

Do you enjoy the freedom and reduced financial commitment of renting? Great, but you still need renter's insurance! Let us find you the very best rates on a renter's policy -- we do it for Canadian renters everyday.

Travel Insurance

Canadians love to travel, but sometimes the unexpected can happen. From lost luggage to a serious health problem, travel insurance can help keep you financially protected while you're out of the country.