United Kindom expansion underway for Tim Hortons

Following an announcement last year that the Canadian chain would be expanding to the United Kingdom, Tim Hortons has made job posting indicating that stores will be opening in Glasgow, South Wales, as well as Greater Manchester. In addition, there is also talk that they are reportedly planning to set up shop in Northern Ireland.

The job listings that have been posed for Scotland's largest city indicate that Tim Hortons is "expanding across Glasgow" and is looking to hire "a number of tenacious and enthusiastic restaurant team members," as well as in-store bakers, team leaders and restaurant managers. Similar job postings can also be found for Tim Hortons locations in Greater Manchester and South Wales, with assertions that the iconic Canadian coffee shop is "expanding across" these regions.

These international job postings come on the heels of Tim Hortons reporting a drop in Canadian profits, and making the decision to slightly raise the prices of some goods sold in their Canadian stores.

"When a company has fully exploited its own market, that's when it goes abroad," said Ian Lee, a business professor from Carleton University business. "Doesn't mean they're going to succeed."

However, Tim Hortons said it has already seen positive feedback and success from the lone store that has been opened in Glasgow, and the brand remains optimistic for what is to come.

"We remain committed to sharing Tim Hortons' iconic coffee, exceptional service and great food with new and existing guests," the company said in an email to CBC News.

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