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TTC chair enthusiastic about the idea of additional ride sharing fees to help supplement transit costs

As the TCC looks to expand and modernize its system, while struggling to maintain a $545 million operating budget, some chair members are entertaining various financial solutions. For instance, chair member Josh Colle believes that utilizing an added ride-hailing trip fee is a “fantastic idea” to help fun the city’s transit system.

"It is budget time in the city of Toronto, and we need to look at all the resources we can to fund public transit," Colle told CBC Radio One’s Metro Morning.

2017 saw the safest year of commercial aviation on record

With zero deaths associated with commercial passenger jets, 2017 was named as the safest year of commercial air travel on record. The Dutch aviation consulting firm To70 and the Aviation Safety Network both reported on Monday there were no commercial passenger jet fatalities in 2017, and some interesting parties taking credit for this past year in aviation safety.

"2017 was the safest year for aviation ever," said Adrian Young of To70.

After several months and a trip to the Philippines, a stolen bike finds its way back to its owner

It may have taken over half a year and almost 27,000 kilometers, but a Toronto man has been reunited with his previously stolen bicycle. Warren Hull is one of the lucky ones to have his precious “Tiffany” (dubbed so due to its telltale color) back. As previously reported by CBC, roughly only 1% of bike thefts in Toronto end with the property being returned to its owner.