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New downtown plan aims to keep the core of Toronto lit

With the prospect of more high-rise buildings one the, well, rise, many are concerned about the affect they will have on the amount of sunlight that is shed on the downtown core. Among them is 66-year old George Traini. Traini has lived just north of the Art Gallery of Ontario for four decades and enjoys exploring the area during sunny afternoons. The idea of high-rises coming in and disrupting the natural sunlight in the area worries him greatly.

"Morning sun is sunlight, Vitamin D, it makes for a healthy lifestyle," he said. "No one wants to live in constant darkness."

Earthquake fears spark advice from IBC

A model building being held between a man's hands.

The IBC have issued advice in the event of an earthquake, following yesterday’s Tsuanami warning for the coast of BC, which was later cancelled.

The warning came after a powerful earthquake struck about 250km southeast of Chiniak, Alaska.

IBC reached out to residents to stress the urgency of preparing your home and aligning your insurance policies.

Malibu doctor selling his $45 million mansion, but there's a twist

Dr. Wei Tzuoh Chen, a kidney specialist from the United States, is selling his $45 million dollar 9,000 square foot Malibu beachfront mansion. The real kicker? He is willing to accept Bitcoin as part of the sale.

Chen is not the first to sell his home for the cryptocurrency, and with it’s rising popularity, one could be fairly certain that he will not be the last. A quick Google search yields a number of stories of homeowners making the gamble.

Chen decided to make Bitcoin part of the deal because he was intrigued by the investment possibilities.

Toronto experiences record breaking temperatures

Thursday morning saw temperatures that broke a 57-year-old record in the city of Toronto. Temperatures dipped below a frigid -22C°, surpassing 1960’s record of -18.9C°.

"It's basically all across the country that the cold weather is entrenched, and it's not going away quickly," said Peter Kimbell, warning preparedness meteorologist at Environment Canada. "In Ontario we don't see an end to this cold until at least the end of the first week of January.”