Can I insure a non-motorized boat?


Whether it's your brand new kayak or a canoe that's been in your family for generations, you want to protect it the same way you would protect a pontoon or speed boat, but what are your options when it comes to insurance?

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Does your postal code determine the cost of renters insurance?

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of your insurance, whether it’s auto, travel, or some sort of property. If you are looking to get renters insurance, one factor that plays a part in determining the cost of your premiums is your postal code. Yes, where you live can impact the cost of your insurance.

Which types of insurance are mandatory in Ontario?

There are so many options out there when it comes to insurance, be it auto, property, travel, you name it. But how do you know what kind of insurance is mandatory, and what it is you can go without? Luckily, here at Insurance Hunter, we have put together a helpful guide to let you know just what insurance is mandatory in Ontario. We will take a look at auto, property, life, business, and travel.

How does age affect auto insurance?

Young driver

Car insurance providers use a mix of different variables to decide on the exact cost of your policy. One of the key players is your age. While this might seem like discrimination, age determines a number of things for insurers, including driver safety, based on national and global statistics and research. Age, on average, is also a decent indication of driver experience.

How to ensure your insurance covers a home renovation

One of the steps necessary in planning a renovation is notifying your insurer if necessary. Different levels of home improvement require different types of disclosure that you must provide to your insurance provider. A simple paint job doesn't need to be disclosed, but if you're doing anything major, you need to do your due diligence.

5 tips to save on car rentals

There are many reasons you may have for renting a car. Maybe you live in the city and don’t own one, so you rent when you go out of town. Or maybe you are in another country and need it to get from your airport to destination. Whatever the reason, it can be a significant added cost to your travels. To help keep the cost of getting around down, here are some tips as to how you can save on car rentals.