Professions that can earn you an auto insurance discount

When searching for new auto insurance everyone is looking for those shiney deals that could save some money. Did you know that many insurance companies will actually reduce how much you have to pay for your policy if you work or are trained in a certain profession?

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This is how much driver's education will save you on auto insurance

Car with student driver sign on roof

Solid statistics assert that teen drivers get into a higher amount of accidents than those over 25 years of age. This statistic is true simply because younger drivers have less road experience than other, more seasoned drivers. So how can young drivers offset that high auto insurance premium? Consider graduating from driver's ed.

How to protect your bike from being stolen

Girl with colourful bike in the city

Toronto is rapidly becoming a city of cyclists, with more Torontonians choosing to use their bike as their main mode of transportation than ever before; but, of course, more bikes on the road also means more bikes are being stolen. How can you protect your bike from potential thieves? 

Can I add safety features to my car?

When shopping for auto insurance, typically the higher the safety rating of your car, the less expensive your cover can be. But, what about those vehicles that don’t have the highest safety rating to start out with? Are you able to add safety features to not only make your vehicle safer for yourself, you passengers, and everyone else on the road, but to help bring down your insurance costs?

Travel destinations that require visas

passport and travel visa

To travel abroad, you know you need to make sure your passport is up to date and make sure that you have sufficient travel insurance, but did you know there is another important piece you may be missing? Depending on where you are traveling to, you may also need a travel visa in order to enter your travel destination.

What is a travel visa?

Before we look at just where a travel visa is required, let’s make sure we understand what a travel visa is.

What to know about insuring a rented vehicle

A laptop open to a car rental form

Insurance can feel like an afterthought when renting a car. As the last box to check off at the rental desk before hitting the road, few take the time to read the fine print on their coverage. Whether you’re opting in to the insurance provided by the rental car company, or going it alone with your own car insurance or credit card coverage, knowing the details can save you money, and trouble, down the line.