Best of the Best Home Technology from CES 2015

CES 2015 has come and gone once again and did not disappoint homeowners. Each passing year, our homes are more intelligent, efficient, and becoming closer to being able to manage themselves. Personally, we can’t wait for the day when our homes start to resemble something like the Jetsons, where computers and machines do all the housework for us! 

Getting back to reality, CES exhibitors did introduce some very interesting gadgets for the home that will help make things more efficient and easier to operate. 

The following highlights some of the most impressive and noteworthy home technology at this year’s show:

  1.  Parrot Pot

Imagine a houseplant container  that waters itself. Parrot Pot can do it for you. It uses a sensor to monitor soil moisture and has a built in water supply and jets to water your plants when necessary. 


  2.  Ecovent smart heating and cooling system

Inefficiency and energy loss can become a thing of the past with Ecovent, a device that covers your room vents, corresponds to a smart plug sensor, and automatically adjusts your home’s temperature. 


  3.  BloomSky weather sensor

Love keeping tabs on the weather? Take things to the next level with the BloomSky weather sensor, a device that acts as your personal weather station in your backyard. Get the weather in your area in real time. 


  4.  Guardzilla security camera

Home security is always a top concern. For about half the price of other security options, this security camera offers features such as motion alerts, geofencing, night vision, and two-way audio. 


  5.  Yale Real Living NFC Deadbolt

This futuristic device allows smartphones to unlock this deadbolt with virtual keys. You can share these virtual keys with others as well as monitor and limit their use. 


  6.  Dacor IQ dual-fuel range

This range features a large touch screen, can connect to smartphones, allows you to download recipes and you can even adjust cooking settings remotely. 


  7.  Energous WattUp

Imagine powering up your electronics without power cords! Enter Energous WattUp, a device that provides wireless power from up to 15 feet away.


These are only a few of the many cool home technology devices that were introduced at this year’s show. See more at

How many of these gadgets can you envision catching on? Would you consider buying any of them? Tell us about the technology you currently use at home!

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