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Over 10 great Ontario fall getaways

scarecrow in corn field

In this fun post we’ve got you covered. Grab some quick destination ideas and find fresh food, fabulous views and frightening scares -- all in Ontario.

The best rates on insurance

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Travel destinations that require visas

passport and travel visa

To travel abroad, you know you need to make sure your passport is up to date and make sure that you have sufficient travel insurance, but did you know there is another important piece you may be missing? Depending on where you are traveling to, you may also need a travel visa in order to enter your travel destination.

What is a travel visa?

Before we look at just where a travel visa is required, let’s make sure we understand what a travel visa is.

The cheapest way to do a weekend in New York City

A weekend trip to the concrete jungle is a great way to have a mini vacation, and getaway from the ordinary for a bit. However, many people think that New York City has to be an expensive city, but there are ways to do NYC on a budget! Here are some tips to help keep the costs down during your trip.

5 tips to travel safely in 2018

The world is always changing and with those changes come new challenges of staying safe while travelling. As recently as 50 years ago, people still routinely picked up hitchhikers, stayed at random motels on the side of the highway and drove for days without really knowing where they were. The times have definitely changed and here are five tips to travel safely in 2018.