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How much does it cost to insure everything I have?

protecting family, car and home

Do you have multiple insurance policies? Or, do you want to know how much it might cost to have all your important possessions protected at once? Either way, we’ll look at a few different insurance policies combined and see if there are any ways to make them cheaper.

The best rates on insurance

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How are renters insurance premiums decided?

In today’s housing market, it is no wonder that more and more people are renting their properties instead of owning them. And while there are less responsibilities with renting than owning, there is one constant that should be maintained, and that is the aspect of property insurance. If you rent your property, even if your landlord has coverage for the building, you should still get renters insurance to help protect your unit and possessions.

How to vet prospective tenants for your rental property

Do you have a rental property you’re trying to list? Maybe an empty basement you have outfitted into the perfect bachelor pad? We’ve put together a useful guide that will help you narrow down prospective tenants. Your investigation will require some online research and patience to find the perfect fit.

Does your postal code determine the cost of renters insurance?

There are so many factors that can affect the cost of your insurance, whether it’s auto, travel, or some sort of property. If you are looking to get renters insurance, one factor that plays a part in determining the cost of your premiums is your postal code. Yes, where you live can impact the cost of your insurance.

Why students should get renters insurance while at school

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If you’re living with new school friends who might be strangers and who might like to throw a “small” party every now and then, aren’t you worried about your belongings? When you’re in class and need to leave for the washroom, do you take your computer with you? How about in the library?

Can I get renters insurance for my dorm room and is it worth it?

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Heading off to college or university is an exciting time in your life. When you are living in a dormitory on campus you meet so many people, and have so many new experiences that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. That being said, when you move into your dorm room you are moving in with strangers, strangers who unfortunately may not have the most amount of respect for you or your possessions. As a general rule however, post-secondary institutions claim that they are not responsible for the loss of theft of personal property, and they strongly urge students to obtain some sort of insurance.