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5 tips for curbing student debt in 2018

So you did the thing! You went through a zillion gruelling semesters of coughing, tired classmates and made it out on the other side with a crispy (or rolled) piece of parchment; congrats. You’ve also been handed the keys to your student loan debt that begins repayment as soon as six months after graduation or even sooner if you were financed through a private institution.

5 financial goals young people should take to 2018

Given the current financial climate of the country, it’s more important than ever for young people to establish financial goals. Without a roadmap, your bank account can sink like the Titanic, and you might even take on debt, like water on...the Titanic.

To avoid crashing into a financial iceberg, let’s set some financial goals for 2018, shall we? Here are considerations as we head into 2018.