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6 areas to check when waterproofing your home


With floods filling the headlines across Canada there was an influx of insurance claims as the result of flood damage this summer. So, it seems only fitting we provide a guide to how to waterproof your home, to avoid any further damage once those clouds roll back in.

How much does it cost to insure everything I have?

protecting family, car and home

Do you have multiple insurance policies? Or, do you want to know how much it might cost to have all your important possessions protected at once? Either way, we’ll look at a few different insurance policies combined and see if there are any ways to make them cheaper.

Is food poisoning covered by liability insurance?

BBQ season is among us, and with that comes outdoor entertaining. Summer is a prime time to get your friends together for some good food, cold drinks, and fun in the sun. But what happens if someone get sick, from something that you made and served them? Are you liable? Will your liability insurance be there to have your back? Let’s take a look.