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How much does it cost to insure everything I have?

protecting family, car and home

Do you have multiple insurance policies? Or, do you want to know how much it might cost to have all your important possessions protected at once? Either way, we’ll look at a few different insurance policies combined and see if there are any ways to make them cheaper.

The best rates on insurance

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7 tips for first-time condo buyers

You made the decision to finally buy property, and a good place to start is by buying a condo. They are a great investment and tend to be more easily accessible than traditional houses, especially in a big city. But, as exciting as it is, being a first-time condo buying can be daunting. Have no fear though, we came up with a list of 7 tips to help you along your new adventure.

Is condo insurance mandatory?

External view of a condo building

Your building’s main insurance usually only covers the common areas; think about the main lobby, gym rooms, pools, elevators or other amenities. This shared policy is normally a portion of your “condo fees.” Your unit, and everything that happens therein, is your financial responsibility.