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5 tips to save on car rentals

There are many reasons you may have for renting a car. Maybe you live in the city and don’t own one, so you rent when you go out of town. Or maybe you are in another country and need it to get from your airport to destination. Whatever the reason, it can be a significant added cost to your travels. To help keep the cost of getting around down, here are some tips as to how you can save on car rentals.

The cheapest way to get around Toronto

Whether you are getting to and from work, off to see friends or taking in one of the city’s many attractions, Toronto is a big city to navigate. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available to get you from point A to point B, but, is one more cost effective than another? Truly, walking or even biking are the least expensive ways to get yourself where you need to go, but what if you are going further than your little legs can carry you, or the weather is not on your side? What then is the cheapest avenue to take? Let’s have a look at the options and how much they cost per month.

Can I own a car with a G1 licence?

Whether you’ve saved up every penny from your summer job, or your parents surprised you for your sweet 16, being a teenage and owning your first car is extremely exciting. But, as a young driver with only a G1 licence under your belt, are you truly able to own a car? We looked at what a G1 licence entails and how the insurance works surrounding it and complied all the info you’ll need to know.

3 Reasons to get winter tires for your car

Winter is quickly coming upon us, and if you have been told to do it once you have been told a million times, put winter tires on your car. But why, what is so great about them? Many think that their all-season tires are enough, especially if their cars have 4-wheel drive. So why make the switch to winter tires? Well, here are three 3 reasons as to why.