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Potholes: What You Haven't Thought About

Article By: Scott Marshall

What you Need to Know About Car Seats – No Car Seat Stage

As your child gets older and continues to grow at a rapid pace, it should be no surprise that they will quickly outgrow their booster seat. When this happens, it is time for them to finally ride in the car with the seat belt alone, granted they meet the criteria that is outlined by the laws in the province.

What You Need to Know About Car Seats – Booster Seat Stage

Can you believe that your child has already outgrown their car seat? Even though they are growing like a weed, and even though they have outgrown their car seat, they still need some added protection that cannot be provided by a seat belt alone – Enter the booster seat.

What You Need to Know About Car Seats – Forward Facing Stage

It is amazing how quickly children grow! Doesn’t it seem like it was just yesterday that you installed a rear facing car seat for your baby? Now it’s time to upgrade to a new car seat – a forward facing car seat for your child.

What You Need to Know About Car Seats – Infant Stage

One of the first things that new parents will quickly realize when it comes to car seats is that installation and the use of car seats vary based on the age and size of your child. There is no set it and forget it option for car seats. This also means that there will be a bit of a learning curve for each growth stage that your child goes through.

Drivers Beware; Spring Is On The Way

Article By: Scott Marshall
Scott Marshall

25 Must Read Articles about Road Safety

3000 people die every day because of crashes around the world – It’s time to do something about it!

Road Safety is a serious issue that cannot be overlooked. More than 1 million people are killed and 50 million are injured as a result of motor vehicle accidents around the world each year.

The UN passed a resolution in 2010 declaring the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 with the support of more than 100 countries around the world to help make our roads safer.

How to Correctly Install a Car Seat without Swearing


While they seem fairly straightforward, car seats can actually be more of a challenge to install than most people think. Learning how to correctly install a car seat is one of the many lessons that parents will face.




Distracted Driving Fact Check

It’s time to stop distracted driving dead in its tracks before some else ends up dead because of distracted driving!

With recent changes to the law in Ontario and with awareness growing about the need for all drivers to adjust their driving habits, it is time that we personally dedicate ourselves to being safe and effective drivers. If every driver decided to kick their poor driving habits, there would be fewer accidents, fewer injuries, and lives would be saved!

New Parent? Tips for Buying Your First Car Seat

Cars seats are one of the many things that new parents will need to acquaint themselves with when they have a child. Like many other items, a car seat is one of those things that people see all the time, but don’t really know that much about it until you actually have kids.