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Should Young Drivers Stay on Their Parents' Insurance or Get Their Own?

Car Insurance

Staying on Parent's Insurance
Driving can get pretty expensive, especially for young drivers. One of the most expensive parts of this equation is getting the insurance.

How to Negotiate a Settlement with Your Auto Insurance Company

Auto Insurance

Negotiate Auto Insurance
Did you know you could negotiate a settlement with your auto insurance? Here are a few steps for getting the best settlement from your insurer.

Financial Literacy: How to Shop for the Best Auto Insurance Rates

shop for the best auto insurance rates
Whether this is your first car or your fifth, there’s always something to learn about getting a great deal on your auto insurance.

The WORST Cars for Auto Insurance


Most Expensive Cars to Insure
Car insurance is one of the few things that are shared by all Canadians – in addition to unpleasant weather and much more pleasant health coverage.

Insurance and Financial Literacy: 3 Types of Insurance Everyone Needs

3 Types of Insurance Everyone Needs
Chances are, if there’s a thing you can buy, rent, or lease, there’s an insurance product for it. So here are the 3 types of insurance everyone needs.

Top 10 Traffic Tickets in Alberta

Car Insurance

Top Traffic Tickets in Alberta
Become a driver and eventually you’re probably going to get a ticket for something. While fines are minor annoyances to some they exist for a reason.

10 Ways to Save Money on Student Car Insurance

10 Ways to Save Money on Student Car Insurance
When you're in college you've got enough on your plate without having to worry about paying high insurance premiums every month. Luckily you don't have to.

How to Buy a Car at Auction

Buy a Car at Auction
When you’re looking for a car, the usual go-to is a little bit of Internet research followed by a couple trips to different dealerships. But what if you could try something cool and different and save some money?

Celebrity Car Insurance: What Do the Rich and Famous Pay?

What Celebrities Pay for Car Insurance
Most people need cars to get from point A to point B and make a living, but wealthy celebrities arguably don’t need to drive at all. For them, vehicles are for expressing themselves and sometimes showing off the insane amount of cash they have in their pockets.

6 Ways to Pay For Your Next Car


6 Ways to Pay For Your Next Car
When it comes to getting a new set of wheels choosing the right method of financing can lead to significant savings – as well as have a big impact on how you need to plan your finances.