What is one-way auto insurance?

One-way auto insurance is a coverage policy that falls on the minimalist side of the spectrum. It satisfies the basic requirements that a driver must have, but also carries some risk in what it omits.

5 main types of travel insurance and what they cover

A woman reading a map

Maybe you’ve recently decided to take the trip of a lifetime, or maybe you’re just looking to get away for a quick weekend jaunt. Either way, you will probably need to purchase some travel insurance, even if you are just traveling to another province. Unfortunately, travel insurance is one of the more complex forms of insurance. With your health and financial well being on the line, you need to be sure you understand what you’re buying.

What is an insurance rider?

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An insurance rider is a type of policy that provides additional coverage to the main policy. Most insurance companies in Canada allow adding riders to their insurance policies; however, the caveat is you will need to pay additional premiums. That being said, adding additional premiums in the form of a rider may result in long term savings for those that are covered under the insurance. If this is the type of coverage you are in the market for, why buy multiple policies and pay separate premiums when you can simply add a rider to your existing policy?

Will installing winter tires get me an auto insurance discount?

Winter is coming and you may be battling with not only those pesky white walkers across the wall (sorry, couldn’t resist), but also the notion of getting your vehicle winter ready, and whether or not you should install proper winter tires. You’ve probably heard that you will be entitled to a discount on your auto insurance if you do, but how much validity is there to that statement? And is the cost of the discount worth the cost of the tires? Let’s find out.

5 mortgage terms you need to know

Are you confused by all the mortgage terms out there? You’re not alone. Amortization, term, fixed, variable… where does it end? Luckily, you’ve come across the right article. Here is a breakdown of five terms you need to know about a mortgage, so you’ll be confident when dealing with your lender, and another step closer to owning your own home.