What sort of coverage is needed for Airbnb hosts?

As more and more people are opting to stay at Airbnb accommodations, instead of hotels to help save money while travelling, it is only natural that an increasing amount of homeowners are choosing to use their residences for short-term renter purposes. In 2016 Toronto saw roughly 10,000 listing for Airbnb accommodations, saving travelers money and putting cash in the pockets of the hosts, a seemingly win-win situation.

Travel Insurance Average: Africa

Wondering how much it costs to buy travel insurance for a trip to Africa? Insurance Hunter examines that question by gathering quotes that factor in various ages, trip costs/durations, coverages, genders, etc. 

6 home insurance myths

Insurance is not as cut-and-dry as the industry would like you to believe. In addition to the complicated terms and conditions used by many home insurance brokers, insurance agents are often very busy and unavailable to answer every single one of your questions. Because of this time crunch, Canadians across the country are turning to their friends and family for answers to their top home insurance questions. Unfortunately, this type of research does little to dispel some of the more popular home insurance myths. Here are the top myths surrounding home insurance.

3 ratios to live by for financial wellbeing

Canadians feel the squeeze when it comes to housing costs. In fact, we spend more income on housing than almost anyone in the world according to a global survey conducted by money manager BlackRock Inc. The survey also shows that nearly half of respondents said they are concerned that they will outlive their savings come retirement time.

3 overlooked costs of homeownership

An envelope being pulled back to reveal the word "cost"

A home is considered a good long-term investment. It’s not hard to see why. Homeownership offers many benefits – forced savings, tax credits and a source of income, to name a few. But owning a home comes with a lot of costs – many of which homeowners tend to overlook or downplay. Here are three commonly overlooked costs of homeownership.